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The Oakville North – Burlington Federal Liberal Association

Together We Are Stronger!

The history of Canada has been built on one, simple conviction: that we are not many, but one, not a collection of communities, but one great people, bound to each other by the promise of equality, opportunity and justice for all. That, too, is the conviction of the Oakville North – Burlington Liberal Association.

Our riding association is committed to promoting the core principles and values that have historically sustained the Liberal Party of Canada – individual freedom, responsibility and human dignity in the framework of a just society. We believe that the dignity of each individual man, woman and child is the cardinal principle of democratic society.

Liberals believe in government as nation-building, and we have the record to prove it: Medicare,the Canada Pension Plan, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, official bilingualism and multiculturalism, and the best public finances in the world. We summoned up the best in Canadians and together we built the country we love.

Our party has always worked towards uniting Canadians. We are the big tent of Canadian life, the party of diversity and inclusion –where all are welcome and all can be sure their voices will be heard. Our party’s purpose is to strengthen the value of our citizenship and to deepen the pride we feel for Canada on the world stage.

We respect our differences. We accept our identities. We do not impose one single brand of patriotism. We let our citizens decide. And that’s why we offer you a warm invitation to join with us, to become a part of the Oakville North – Burlington Federal Liberal Association, to allow your voice to be heard and to work with us for a stronger, more responsible and caring government. Together we are stronger together.

Please feel free to contact us here.