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Red Paddle Club

Red Paddle Club

The Red Paddle Club is an exclusive membership group, unique to Oakville North-Burlington.  With a minimum donation of $25 per month, you will have access to member-only events, as well as be eligible to receive significant discounts for certain Liberal Party events.  You can also take advantage of the generous federal donation tax credit – meaning your net donation is significantly less than the $25 monthly amount.

Red Paddle events will be held a minimum of twice per year, and will include an inspiring speaker, and light refreshments.

To sign up for the Red Paddle Club, please go to

To join the Red Paddle Club, you must donate a minimum of $5 per month to the Liberal Party of Canada and a minimum of $20 per month to the Oakville North-Burlington riding.  Your donation includes annual membership in the Oakville North-Burlington riding.  Remember to click “yes” to join!

The Red Paddle Club is not yet listed on this site by that name. But by joining the Victory Fund, and selecting “Oakville North-Burlington” as your riding, you are in effect joining the Club. Please note that only individual members of the Red Paddle Club will be able to attend events arranged by the Club.